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I'm a Korean who has traveled, lived, and worked in many places of the Eastern and Western hemisphere. Having deep interest in the Arts and Crafts, I like to write about Korean Arts Crafts and share the knowledge with the people who may be interested in the Asian Arts and Crafts.

A traditional Korean Restaurant – Todamgol

  Todamgol is a restaurant located in a popular visiting town, Toichon of Kwangju city, Korea.  Since a few decades ago, it has been serving visitors with various traditional Korean style food. Once you visit there, as much as you … Continue reading

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Songdo New Town in Inchon, Korea

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Family in Seoul

We have a Boston Terrier, female, 6 years old. She is begging for food. She has been on a diet and lost about 3 lbs out of 18 lbs. It seems she always feels hungry……. and angry.

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Traditional Korean Side Dishes

AT a restaurant of Baemsagol, Jirisan National Park, Korea

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Replica of the great 12th century Goryeo Celadon vase

  This Celadon vase is a replica of ‘Korean National Treasure No.68’, a Celadon Vase, created in the 12th century (Goryeo Dynasty:918~1392). Though the voluminous nature and smooth curves are characteristic of Chinese ceramics of the Song Dynasty, Goryeo had differentiated its style … Continue reading

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A way of supporting Traditional Arts and Crafts in Korea

India may be an incredible country but unfortunately the people who slaved away to secure a place on the world map for this country are not shining. Most national award winning craftsmen whose exquisite crafts helped earn India a high world status … Continue reading

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Asian Arts and Crafts – Korean Mother of Pearl Inlaid Lacquer Ware

Mother-of-pearl, also known as nacre, is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by certain mollusks as an inner shell layer, and accumulated in other shells, such as freshwater pearl mussels, in the form of pearls. It is very strong, resilient, and … Continue reading

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