Dog’s B’day

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Flower Wholesale Market in Seoul, Korea

Today is the beginning of the long Korean Thanksgiving holidays in Korea. We have never experienced such a long Thanksgiving holidays as this year’s before, at least in my life time.

A few days ago, my wife asked me to take her to the flower market, which is one of her favorite places to visit with. As I am getting older, I am working harder to keep making her happy so that she doesn’t even think about ditching me^^.

In Korea, we say, if you were a husband of 70 years old or older, your wife would beat you every morning shouting “why did you wake up this morning?”.

I should faithfully keep on depositing to her emotional bank to minimize the risk of being kicked out of the house we live in together, for now, that was actually bought with my money!

Having said that, I was actually happy to go there, smell the scent of the flowers, and take photos of the beautiful flowers. Though we like to visit there and buy some flowers as often as possible, our work doesn’t allow us spare time to do so easily. As the market closes at 1 p.m on each and every Saturday for the week, we have difficulty in putting the flower shopping to the time slot.


The market was not as busy as I expected.




A flower shop






My wife used to work for a flower shop in London U.K long time ago.


My wife arranged flowers. No, you can not say the word, “arrangement” here. She simply put some flowers into the vase.

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A traditional Korean Restaurant – Todamgol


Todamgol is a restaurant located in a popular visiting town, Toichon of Kwangju city, Korea.  Since a few decades ago, it has been serving visitors with various traditional Korean style food. Once you visit there, as much as you can enjoy traditional Korean food , you will also appreciate the atmosphere of Korean style houses and its beautiful garden.

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Songdo New Town in Inchon, Korea







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Family in Seoul

We have a Boston Terrier, female, 6 years old. She is begging for food. She has been on a diet and lost about 3 lbs out of 18 lbs. It seems she always feels hungry……. and angry.

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Traditional Korean Side Dishes

AT a restaurant of Baemsagol, Jirisan National Park, Korea


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Replica of the great 12th century Goryeo Celadon vase

This Celadon vase is a replica of ‘Korean National Treasure No.68’, a Celadon Vase, created in the 12th century (Goryeo Dynasty:918~1392). Though the voluminous nature and smooth curves are characteristic of Chinese ceramics of the Song Dynasty, Goryeo had differentiated its style from that of China by adding more volume and curves to vases by the time this vase was made. The distinctive characteristics of Celadon pottery from the Goryeo Dynasty, which have been admired by the world, include the inlaying techniques, their voluminous forms, the smoothly-curved lines, and the mysterious jade green color. This vase is considered one of the great masterpieces of its kind. The pattern of white cranes and clouds is delicately inlaid into the jade-green surface of the vase. The inlaying technique, called “Sang-gam”, which brought Goryeo ceramic art unsparing praise, involves the potter first carving patterns on the surface of the pottery and then filling the carved area with black and white clay before applying a glaze and burning it.

Admiring the unique, fantastic, and noble style of the Goryeo Celadon pottery, the Chinese royal court, aristocrats, and rich families imported uncountable numbers of Celadon wares from Goryeo over a period of hundreds of years. Unfortunately however, many boats carrying the Celadon, sailing to China, sunk with the heavy pottery near the Shin-an area(South-western coastal town and islands in Korea), due to the notoriously strong tides. Fishermen frequently found Celadon pottery in various forms including dishes or vases, either broken or maintaining their original shapes, caught in fishing nets. Peole like to joke that there are more Celadon wares than fish at the bottom of the sea near Shin-an. Nowardays, access to some of these areas of sea by ships or people is prohibited without government permission.

This replica was crafted over about a month, from spinning to final inspection.

Size: 7.5″(19cm)(Widest Diameter) x 14.2″(36cm)(H)
Weight: 2.4kg
Price : U$299

[Korean National Treasure No.68, Celadon “Sang-Gam” Vase, 6.7″(17cm)(W) x 16.5″(42cm)(H)]

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